About The Frozen Moo

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The Frozen Moo in Coligny Plaza is the premier place for ice cream on Hilton Head. With 92 flavors of super-premium ice cream for you to choose from, the Frozen Moo offers the largest selection of ice cream flavors on the island – and probably the entire east coast! Whether you’re looking for super-premium ice cream, kids flavors, low fat yogurts, sorbets, ices, or no sugar added ice creams, our selection of 92 different tubs offers far more variety than you will find anywhere else. So bring the entire family! The Frozen Moo has enough varieties of super-premium ice cream to please everyone. But watch out for the cow. She moos!!


Our Frozen Moo ice cream is custom-made for us in Florida using special pasteurization and homogenization process specifically for ice cream (not milk, butter, etc.) to ensure best quality. Fresh, raw (not frozen and thawed) milk and cream are specially processed on site at our factory before making your ice cream. Our Frozen Moo ice cream is only frozen once. This means your ice cream hasn’t worked to death and over-processed. Overworked ice cream requires extra stabilizers and additives to compensate for loss of flavor and texture. Our all-natural process is the way ice cream was meant to be made.

new york times

Coligny Plaza — a cluster of beachside hotels, bike paths, shops and restaurants — is a good place to get your bearings. Unwind with ice cream from the Frozen Moo, which lures sunburned tourists with inventive flavors like Play Dough and Pralines ’n Cream. Finish off a cone while swinging on a bench by the beach, eyeing the parade of sandy revelers as they go by on foot and bike...

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