Moocho Love for the Moo

Everything is amazing

As many know there are lots of ice cream shops in Hilton Head. Frozen Moo is by far the best one!! Chocolate peanut butter pretzel is my favorite but honestly with 92 flavors, you can't go wrong, everything I've tasted is amazing! We look forward to going multiple times every time we visit the island! - Brittany Ray

best ice cream shop

Tons of flavors!

With over 90 flavors of ice cream (and frozen yogurt) to choose from, you cannot go wrong - there is definitely something for everyone. This ice cream shop is centrally located and easy to get to. The place is nice and clean, and the servers were super friendly - they let us try a few flavors before we settled. - Jessica B.

Fast and yummy!

When we first walked in I thought we would be in line forever based on how many people were in there, but was surprised how quickly we were served. They have so many favors to choose from and we enjoyed it so much we went back twice! - Thanks, A Garner

36 Hours in Hilton Head Island

THE NEW YORK TIMES- Coligny Plaza — a cluster of beachside hotels, bike paths, shops and restaurants — is a good place to get your bearings. Unwind with ice cream from the Frozen Moo, which lures sunburned tourists with inventive flavors like Play Dough and Pralines ’n Cream. Finish off a cone while swinging on a bench by the beach, eyeing the parade of sandy revelers as they go by on foot and bike. Click to read entire article - Stephanie Rosenbloom

Best ice cream spot

There are lots of options for ice cream in HHI, but this place sets itself apparat by the atmosphere. It is fun and inviting. The staff is always incredibly nice. In a one week stay we typically show up here 10-15 times. The kids always want Frozen Moo ice cream...nothing else!- Wendy Mark 23

Best Ice Cream on HHI!

We LOVE this ice cream shop. There are soooo many flavors to choose from. The staff is always SUPER friendly:) If you are ever in the area check them out you won't be disappointed and with 92 flavors they have something for everyone. I recommend the Almond Joy. My husband always gets Blueberry Cheesecake. And of coarse the cow statue that occasionally Moos is a bit with the kids! - Munch Kinmin

Amazing variety!

This ice cream shoppe has over 90 different kinds of ice cream, and all of the flavors I have tried have been delicious. The shoppe is set up in kind of a deli style, so there is no line - you just go to the counter and order when you are ready. It can look hectic from outside, but it doesn't take long to get great ice cream, even on Saturday nights in the summer. - Jackie Hansen Family